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Robotics Africa Grooms Champions

As a company, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the hard work and dedication of a group of students pay off in a big way. We recently had the honor of assisting a group 13years old girls from Lagoon School, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria in becoming the first runner up in the just concluded Conrad […]

Smart Home

Why should you care to read this article? This article sheds light on how you can make life easier and ultimately transform your home from a ‘home’ to a ‘smart home’. In today’s world of technological advancement, life has literally been made much easier with the advent of automated devices. They are designed to serve […]

Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: DAY 1

The Easter Training has started  today been 11th of April, 2022 with individuals  aspiring to explore more of of the 21st century skills, under the following: ANIMATION The trainees were introduced to animation with pencil 2D and were taught that animation is an easy, intuitive tool  used to make 2D hand-drawn objects.Also, they learnt how […]

Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: DAY 2

It’s  another great day as  Robotics & Tech Africa  continues  with the  virtual Easter training on robotics with virtual robots. ROBOTICS Our learners were taught the basics of robots, how virtual robots work and what makes up their functionality with an inbuilt ; sensors, electronic components and actuators . Using the vex vr online simulator, […]

Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: DAY 3

Today being  Wednesday, 13th of April, 2022. Robotics & Tech Africa  continues with it engaging Easter virtual training on how to design different objects on 3D modelling. 3D MODELLING 3D means 3 dimensional  objects that have  length, breadth and height .It was explained to learner s as the creation of any real 3D objects such […]

Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: Day 4

It has being  an interesting journey with the Robotics & Tech Africa  as it completed it four days engaging virtual  Easter  training on Mobile Application Development. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT In today s training , learners were introduced to the meaning and  concepts used in the design of mobile Application and during the training, they were […]


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