Why Skillup on Robotics Process Automation (RPA)?

Mythbuster: There aren’t exactly any physical robotics involved in RPA. What is RPA? RPA involves the use of virtual robotics created on automation software to carry out sets of instructions on a computer. These RPA virtual robots (bots) are capable of repeating human-computer interaction tasks assigned to them. They can also carry out a ton […]

Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: DAY 2

It’s  another great day as  Robotics & Tech Africa  continues  with the  virtual Easter training on robotics with virtual robots. ROBOTICS Our learners were taught the basics of robots, how virtual robots work and what makes up their functionality with an inbuilt ; sensors, electronic components and actuators . Using the vex vr online simulator, […]

Why Register your Child for Virtual Easter Camp with Robotics Africa?

Robotics Africa is an organization that teaches students of different age groups an extra curriculum activity in the field of Robotics and Coding by integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to bridge the gap between theoretical and the practical knowledge taught in schools through online and physical trainings using the learn-by-doing approach in a fun […]


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