Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: DAY 2

Home Robotics Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: DAY 2

It’s  another great day as  Robotics & Tech Africa  continues  with the  virtual Easter training on robotics with virtual robots.


Our learners were taught the basics of robots, how virtual robots work and what makes up their functionality with an inbuilt ; sensors, electronic components and actuators . Using the vex vr online simulator, learners were taught how to simulate a virtual robots and navigates its  environment by writing programs using blocks of code that will enable the  robot works according to the instructions given to it.

Learners were able to programmed their robot to transport a  magnetic disks of different colors to there respective individual zone , using the inbuilt  magnet on the robot  as shown below.

This method proved to be a very effective way of teaching our young learners the basics of  programming alongside imbibing them problem solving and logical reasoning skills as it will make them self reliance and be productive in any place of work.

Also, the instructors at Robotics & Tech Africa have all lessons recorded and as well provide a  recap classes for everyone that missed any of the their training .Our registration is still ongoing .



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