Smart Window

When you hear of smart Window Blind, what comes to your mind? In today’s edition, we will be discussing smart Window blind. I remember when I usually raise the window blind upward to allow light into the room and also when there was power outage, I would have to manually raise the blind to allow […]

Smart Home

Why should you care to read this article? This article sheds light on how you can make life easier and ultimately transform your home from a ‘home’ to a ‘smart home’. In today’s world of technological advancement, life has literally been made much easier with the advent of automated devices. They are designed to serve […]

Smart Irrigation System

INTRODUCTION Agriculture is one of the major sector in Nigeria and a sector that can boost the economy of the country if a lot of interested persons dive into the field. However, some people who are interested in Agriculture tend to shy away from it because it’s believed to be  labour intensive and time consuming. […]

Automated Hand Wash

During the COVID-19 pandemic, automatic appliances like touch-less soap dispensers are not just convenient—they are beneficial to our health. Good hygiene is always important, but over the last year it’s become even more vital to heed proper hand washing practices. One way we can make our homes that much more hygienic is by using an […]


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