Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: Day 4

Home Mobile App Development Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: Day 4

It has being  an interesting journey with the Robotics & Tech Africa  as it completed it four days engaging virtual  Easter  training on Mobile Application Development.


In today s training , learners were introduced to the meaning and  concepts used in the design of mobile Application and during the training, they were taught that mobile App  Development is a process used by developers to create different application soft-wares that can run on different operating system and application soft-wares like APK etc

Also, they were guided  by their instructors on how to use an online mobile app simulator to design an app that produces different animal sounds when buttons are clicked. So this amazing app produces different animals sounds. Upon the  completion of the Application, they were asked to download and send it to their mobile phone for a test run.

Give your child the necessary skills , so as to be productive and be self reliance in  this digital world. As transformation of technology happens everyday.


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