Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: DAY 3

Home 3D Modelling Easter Virtual Training With Robotics & Tech Africa: DAY 3

Today being  Wednesday, 13th of April, 2022. Robotics & Tech Africa  continues with it engaging Easter virtual training on how to design different objects on 3D modelling.


3D means 3 dimensional  objects that have  length, breadth and height .It was explained to learner s as the creation of any real 3D objects such as a cube, cylinders and cones  using a special tool called a software that can either be installed on devices or run and simulate it online.An example of an online simulator that can be used for 3D modelling is TINKERCAD.

During the training , learners were guided by their instructors on the modelling of a cup and a spoon as represented in the images shown below.

Allow your child to developed himself with basic skills in  robotics , Mobile App design , Game development and 3D  modelling etc , as such he can be well prepared in this era of technology that is gradually improving everyday.

We at Robotics & Tech Africa have  all it takes to train your child in acquiring8 all the basics skills needed .


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