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When you hear of smart Window Blind, what comes to your mind? In today’s edition, we will be discussing smart Window blind. I remember when I usually raise the window blind upward to allow light into the room and also when there was power outage, I would have to manually raise the blind to allow fresh air into the room. Doing all of those were tedious and time consuming. But then at Robotics Africa, it became a problem to solve.

Coming back to what Smart Window Blind is.  Smart window blind is a technology that regulates the amount of sunlight and heat loss your home experiences throughout the day by simply opening and closing at a preprogrammed times. In other words, smart window blinds allows you to automate repetitive tasks like opening and closing of the window manually with a simple touch or command, especially when you are tied up with a task that does not require interruption like when you are in the comfort of your sleep at night, or when stuck on the couch with a sleeping baby on your chest, or even when busy with food stuff in the kitchen.

The blinds are integrated with standard features like built-in motor, built-in light sensor, and operate via a touch of a button, a remote control device, voice-activated command or an application.

There are several reasons why smart window should be integrated in your home:

  • First, it brings convenience and comfort by regulating heat gain and heat loss of the room.
  • It also saves energy. We may ask, how does it save energy? We can use the sunlight instead of using indoor electric bulb to lighting the room on a bright day. Thus is achieved as a result of the sunlight sensor integrated in the window. The window is raised up and down based on the sensor sensitivity of sunlight. Similarly, during the cold winter months, heat from the sun is utilised to warm the room. All of these are done automatically without any human effort. It is smart window blind we call it after all.

With the use of temperature and sunlight sensor (LDR), the window blind will know when to close during the hottest part of the day or when to close during the winter to allow the sun to heat a room naturally.

  • Apart from being sensitive to sunlight, it can also be controlled remotely. This is possible with the use of Wi-Fi module or Bluetooth module embedded in the Smart Window Blind system and a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone.
  • Integration of smart window blinds in our homes serves as a security purpose. It serves as a security purpose in a sense that it gives burglars false impression of your presence in the room which eventually prevents one from losing valuable items.