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Why Choose Us

We do what we believe is right. We respect and value differences, and we encourage everyone to speak their mind. We are transparent about why we do what we do.

Our Philosophy

We are curious and like to experiment. We respect those who have gone before us. We want to make the world a better place through continuous improvement

What drives Us

We care deeply about everything that we do. We are driven and focused. We have dreams, aspirations, and high ambitions, for ourselves and for the company.

Patrick Ilodianya

CEO, Founder, Robotics Africa

Africa is faced with a lot of challenges , we have come to create these solutions using technology, we believe that africa will definitely become the hub for technological revolution in short time.

With Robotics and Artificial Intelligence we develop solutions that will impacts human lives.

Mr. Patrick Ilodianya

Co-Founder Robotics Africa

Mr. Anthony Amodu

Executive Chairman

Engr. Chinedu Ernest

Chief Technology Officer(CTO)

Miss Ngozi Uma Jane

Chief Financial Officer(CFO)

Miss Oluwafunmito Lois Adewumi

Research Team Lead

Mr. Thompson Lucky

Technical Officer

Miss May Ubani Nnenna

Robotics Sales Strategist-Communication

Mr. Orjiugo Victor

Robotics Sales Strategist-Research

Our Team